I love to be creative.

I created websites, I create photographs, I create graphics, social media content. I love creating a brand and building that into something.

I live in one of my favourite cities in the world - Melbourne, Australia - and I am exploring my surroundings and loving this creative, collaborative and very photogenic city.

I love to spend time finding new ways to edit my photographs and coming up with new planner card ideas or new graphics and content. I am a #plannergirl and I love to incorporate photography and text in fun ways to create planner cards, dividers and other goodies for our planners and bullet journals.

One of my favourite things is macro photography - finding the beauty in the detail and I love to spend an afternoon getting up close and personal with a subject, often a flower or a piece of jewellery, to create something special, something magical.

I invite you to take a look around my website and see what takes your fancy. All of my photographs (with the exception of the portraits) are available for purchase. 

I am available to help you build your brand, through promotional photography or through building your website. I would love to help. 

Please just ask.