I was once called "a new breed of creative scientist". But you know what? There's an element of creativity in science and there's science in creativity. I use both sets of skills to provide you with beautiful, engaging and intelligent content - content to make your business thrive.

I'm in Marketing, Communication & Public Relations. I've spent more than ten years in corporate roles and I've driven growth creatively in the private and not-for-profit sectors at a corporate level. And more recently, I've helped smaller, boutique brands make their mark and showcase their unique work.

Whether you're setting up your business or website, refreshing your look, seeking new and engaging content, or just wanting some proofreading or a fresh pair of eyes, I am here to help you.

Email me: hello@desleyjane.com

Photo Credit: kikki.K

Photo Credit: kikki.K

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I have a real passion for photography, particularly product photography and product styling. I also love doing creative portraits. I'd love to showcase you and/or your products for you.  

Social Media & Content Creation

If you need help setting up your business, your website, your social media, or you need me to create content for you, I need to hear from you! 

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